Menlo Park, NJ - December 31st, 1879
Thomas Edison displays
electric light to the world.
Fast Forward 138 years - 2017
Electricity revolutionized the world.
Nearly 25 trillion kWh of electricity was generated worldwide in 2017,
primarily from coal and natural gas.
This revolution has come with consequences...
But a new revolution is on the horizon with solar PV and
battery costs decreasing exponentially...
Live better ...electrically
Indie Energy

Indie Technology

Accelerating Energy Storage


Indie offers a full stack solution for commercial and industrial users including a cloud based aggregation and control platform, modular hardware units, and site design / build tools.

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A growth explosion is on the horizon, the combination of solar PV plus energy storage is coming in a big way and Indie Energy is positioned to support and acclerate it!

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Large system or small system, the Indie Energy Platform scales equally well providing a cost effective and robust solution for any energy storage use case.

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Support Tools

Get up and running quickly in the fast evolving energy storage field with tools to model, design, build, and operate energy storage systems. Take advantage of Indie's market insights with our publication offerings.

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What we do

See what energy storage can do for you

The benefit of energy storage is that it's an incredibly versatile tool. The detriment of energy storage is that it's an incredibly versatile tool. Often difficult to analyze, put Indie Energy tools to work for you to cut through the noise and get to the optimal design and use case.

Indie Energy

Energy Storage Simplified

Indie Analyze


Use Indie Analytics to quickly and accurately assess system economics, system sizing, and system performance in every US ISO/RTO.

Indie Build


Use Indie Build Tools to quickly and cost effectively create electrical and mechanical drawing packages utilizing pre-engineered modular components.

Indie Operate


Continously monitor and operate a fleet of energy storage assets, optimizing for maximum economic returns.

Indie Energy

Things we find interesting