Energy Storage Market Report

Opportunities for energy storage systems continue to increase and in many geographic areas, there is a compelling economic case for energy storage. However, the economic case is generally built on the ability to leverage multiple revenue streams with a single asset because few single value streams exist that are economic by themselves at this point in time. This 104-page report describes how much revenue to expect per application, and which applications can be stacked in which RTO's for energy storage.



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Revenue Potential

Revenue expectations for each energy storage revenue stream per RTO

Energy storage systems have the ability to garner revenues in a multitude of ways. Find out the revenue potential from each revenue stream within each North American RTO territory by understanding the typical market rates, rates, and payments associated with each.

Stacked Services

Which revenue streams can be combined and how

Though energy storage can accomplish multiple applications, interconnection specifics and operational overlap or differences dictate which revenue streams can and cannot be combined. Find out how to take advantage of the most revenue in each North American RTO territory.

Risk Factor

Risk-adjusted view of the revenue streams

Energy storage's place in the energy sector is evolving rapidly. Revenue streams for energy storage often carry some combination of merchant, regulatory, and technology/performance risk. To better be able to model energy storage systems, find out the risks associated with each revenue stream and how much it impacts revenue expectations.