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Solar PV + Storage Opportunities in ERCOT for Co-ops and Munis

Cooperatives and municipal electric companies (Non-Opt-In Entities or NOIEs) comprise 25% of ERCOT’s load and have unique revenue streams for solar PV and energy storage. In this report, find out the unique opportunities for energy storage throughout ERCOT and their revenue potential as well as their risk. Followed by how coupling solar PV and storage can take advantage of these opportunities, and specifically for NOIEs, along with the economics of an example co-op PV + storage system in northern Texas. Also, data is presented to quantify the risk and lost revenue associated with increasing amounts of peak reduction resources being added to the grid.



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Market Insights

Substantial prospects for energy storage in ERCOT

ERCOT can be a difficult market to understand, but there are great returns for those that sort it out. This report includes a breakdown of each key revenue generating mechanism for energy storage in ERCOT both in front of and behind the meter and determines the risk associated with it.

Solar PV + Storage

Coupling PV + Storage provides unique opportunities for co-ops and munis

The Non-Opt-In Entities (NOIEs), which is made up of the co-ops and munis, are able to take advantage of specific use cases provided by solar PV with energy storage. This report includes information on ideal system sizing for those use cases.

Case Study

Commercial and financial analysis of example system for Texas cooperative

The rubber hits the road with this breakdown of the economic case for PV + Storage for a Texas distribution cooperative looking to self-generate a portion of their electricity while reducing the peak charges and demand charges they pay for their supply